okay storytime!
I went to work this morning as Merida. Everything went awesome. It was an early morning, but whatever, totally worth it (except for the millions of “Are you Ariel?”s) The mall my Starbucks is in gives out candy every year by volunteers. Well. They were short like three volunteers. This shindig started at 4. I was off at 2. SO GUESS WHO WENT ALL THE WAY HOME, SEWED SOME SLEEVES ON DAT DRESS AND DROVE ALL THE WAY BACK?


It was awesome.

So I got to wear my dress after all, and I’m so happy I did. Skipping the princess next year for work, going to be something much better/more recognizable by adults, and then doing the princess somewhere else because seriously, being called Ariel & Rapunzel when I was Merida and Cinderella when I was Ariel was. Sort of frustrating. A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL.

Now to finish Anna and start Elsa before the Frozen premiere!